Why Having a Quality Website is Important

Whether your business is a huge corporation, a small mom-and-pop business, or a home business having a quality website is necessary. Just even ten years ago when you wanted to find a plumber, hairstyle lists, or mechanic in your area you would look in the phone book. Nowadays my seven-year-old even knows how to Google to find what he needs.… Read more →

Time Management for Your Business

In this article I want to focus on time management but specifically for those who own a business. I remember hearing stories from my dad and grandpa about work. It seems like baby boomers and other generations worked for the same company for years and years and then retired. Nowadays many of us have several jobs, change jobs frequently, own… Read more →

Being Confident about your Business

Being a small business owner is rewarding but, anyone that actually owns one knows how much work really goes into building a business from nothing. My husband and I over the years have tried several business ventures but nothing really stuck. Then finally we were able to start a small marketing business. Years upon years, conversation upon conversations, and hours… Read more →