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You are welcome to the site where you can find any top movie reviews. We are glad that you joined us and we hope that you will enjoy your stay.

Our first top movie reviews will be about “Dressed to kill” (Roy William Neill). That title does not mislead anyone, this is not known, nor has to do with Brian DePalma. This is a short movie from the series, in the legendary 40, shot with William Neil Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce on the figure of Sherlock Holmes.

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Why we’ve chose to give you these top movie reviews? Because we care about the movies you watch and our promise to guide you in to the vast world of films will be acomplished.

It all begins with the auction of three music boxes, seemingly with identical value between them. The audience is not great… just an collector of music boxes and the occasional curios. But suddenly someone appears eager to have them all, even the crime. So…what is about those boxes?

This is the kind of review that we will find here at Top Movie Reviews. After some weeks of work finally comes to light the new version of this site. A new design, new structure, new top movies, new reviews and many, many ideas the will see the light in the coming days.

From now on we will make periodic contests, top movie reviews, sweepstakes and surveys on films to keep in touch with you, our readers, and to improve our site.

To celebrate the launch of top movie reviews and to encourage your collaboration with our site we decided to conduct a competition among our visitors. Write some top movie reviews of your own and the best of them will be published on our site.

How shoud be your top movie reviews? Well let’s give a definition of a review: The review is where you describe a note, or a distinctive aspect of a text or an audio-visual content (image) or in writing, allowing, thus, to know further. It is a statement that attempts to give a brief overview and critical opinion about something.  It appears in magazines and newspapers, book reviews, films, exhibitions and other events that bring to readers, the public and visitors to the subject matter. A good top movie review must necessarily reflect the interpretation and critical evaluation of the actors that perform.
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You can learn from us of course. We will present a great collection of top movie reviews soon enough.

Top movie reviews brings to you Limitless

Eddie Morra is a writer living in clutter. One encounter with an old friend will change his perception of reality and its vision for the future within the business world. Top movie reviews site was obliged by the quality of this movie to make this review.

Director Neil Burger, who directed “The Illusionist (2014)” returns as a champion already known by all because of the vanguard aesthetic based on deep images full of neorealism futuristic sounds Matrix. Top movie reviews will come back soon with a review of Matrix too. Everybody appreciate the effort to break the linearity of frameworks established lately in Hollywood.

Bradley Cooper, left his last movie role of “kitsch” as “Team A” or “Hangover” to star in a more risky role. Top movie reviews guarantees you that from now on he will be more valued as an great actor.

Robert de Niro is also impressive in this movie as top movie reviews announced some time ago. Besides the well known roles from Meet the parents trilogy this movie bring him back in front. We are sure that all top movie reviews will write only good things about his performance and well acting

The worst thing about the movie, is the deformation of the essential characteristics that often accompanies this type of footage.

One of the best italian top movie reviews

Top movie reviews brings you a text about “La prima cosa bella” movie.

Upon seeing the poster for this movie a comedy imagines a use which exudes happiness. Our top movie reviews brings you a great movie to your attention.It is not the case. The premium is a beautiful beautiful thing tragicomedy, which spans almost 40 years in the life of a family, consisting of a couple and their two children. It’s the year 1971 when the festivities of the people in Anna is elected the most beautiful mother. This seemingly trivial fact unleash the hell of jealousy in her husband. After a tug of war and several shouts and threats through, she decides to leave with their children at home. Will do after his first steps into the world of cinema. Don’t you like till now this great write from top movie reviews? The girl is really beautiful and it opens many doors as it closes. The husband appears on the scene shortly after to take away her children, which is then recovered again. In this ongoing encounters and bustle of the year will Anna and their two sons, Bruno and Valeria.

At present, 2014, Bruno is visited by her sister Valeria to inform you that your mother is dying and convinces him to come see her and the way you can say goodbye. And now you’ll see why top movie reviews deserve first place in its niche.

Bruno and his sister, as we all are victims of their past. Have come forward like so many others, extending their fears, their fears, breaking down their trauma. Once Bruno was reunited with his mother, who despite being terminally shows a commendable courage and vitality, rarely seen in cinema, will be a good time to look back and as a catharsis.

I hope you did followed the description of our top movie reviews until now. He make an overview of what was his childhood and adolescence, and forced his first love, his hand at poetry, the premature marriage of his sister in love with a young talkative discursive conquered by the word, but as the saying goes, is the gone with the wind, so if you can not understand how to proceed from his mother or to grasp its complex nature, the least loved in his whole being, and embracing a kind of reconciliation that recompose breaking inside and over time does not only make more sharp inner gorges.

As you can see this movie is one of the best from top movie reviews site till now.

The story is presented through flash-backs continued that we are putting back and forth in time. The assembly work in this regard is impeccable. Similarly the great success story and a highly protein, is the task of interpreting all contained on the tape. Particularly noteworthy performance Micaela Ramazzotti and Stefania Sandrelli on top movie reviews website, Anna bring to life in his youth and maturity.

We, from the top movie reviews blog, observed a well-cured script makes the situations to be credible, those surreal moments, as the final fireworks, do not do anything but get a punch in the throat to make us go through the lacrimal duct, insinuate that we see, as there is another film thing is a celebration of family and the enjoyment of life, a living example that it’s worth, which is not easy, safe, you have to swallow many, many times, but that a mix of lightness, frivolity, intelligence and inner strength allow us to reach the final death embrace with a smile and a twinkle in his eye. Leave this world through the front door and follow top movie reviews advice…watch this movie.