Being Confident about your Business

Being a small business owner is rewarding but, anyone that actually owns one knows how much Confidencework really goes into building a business from nothing. My husband and I over the years have tried several business ventures but nothing really stuck. Then finally we were able to start a small marketing business. Years upon years, conversation upon conversations, and hours upon hours went into trying new things and learning what works and doesn’t work. Finally we found our passion and decided to start a business, but that is just the beginning. Now what? In another post I will go into the steps to actually starting a business but in this post I want to talk about something I think is overlooked and a key part of starting a business.


Be confident and not afraid to share what you are doing with others. You never know who is listening and more importantly who that person that is listening knows. My husband’s business really started with a Facebook post to a college friend he hadn’t seen in years. This friend randomly sent him a simple message that said, “What are you up to?” Nothing profound but when my husband replied he added one line that said I have been doing some marketing as a hobby. A couple of weeks later they got together for coffee and while they were catching up this friend asked my husband several questions about the marketing he had been doing on the side. It turns out this friend had his own business and was very interested in my husband’s work and connected him to his first client who ended up giving him a lot of business. This all started with my husband not be afraid to let people know what he had been up to.


If you have a talent, share it with others. When you talk about your business be confident. Let others know that you are good at what you do and that they need what you have to offer. Let friends and family know what your business is all about so they can share with others. If you do Seattle wedding photography, let others know about it so they can promote your business. Networking and being confident about your business will amount in exponential dividends and these marketing strategies cost nothing. So when you are having a coffee with a friend think about how you are portraying your business because they might be connected with your next big client and it only takes one client to take your business to the next level.


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