Why Having a Quality Website is Important

Whether your business is a huge corporation, a small mom-and-pop business, or a home business Websitehaving a quality website is necessary. Just even ten years ago when you wanted to find a plumber, hairstyle lists, or mechanic in your area you would look in the phone book. Nowadays my seven-year-old even knows how to Google to find what he needs. People no longer have phone books in their offices, they have several computers and smartphones. No matter the size, budget or type of business you own a quality website is a must.


If you want customers you have to have a website that is user-friendly and that people can find. How do customers decide who to order from when they are looking for product or who to call when they need a service. First thing most people stick with the first page that pops up on Google, Bing or Yahoo after they search for their keyword. Second they choose a website from that first page that is clear, looks nice, and is not spamming.


In this article I want to focus on the website itself and not on ranking in the search engine. There are so many untrustworthy websites out there these days that customers get overwhelmed and frustrated. The first thing you want to make sure is that you have quality content on your page. Is your title clear and does your homepage really explain what you do in a way that your customer understands. You do not want a website just full of ads and pictures that runs really slow. Make sure to check your website for errors and make sure it runs smoothly. If I click on a website that takes forever to open, I move onto the next one. If I click on a website that just has a bunch of ads and spam on it, I move on to the next one.


Make sure you pick a theme that looks clean and professional. Look at this example of a patient recruitment company, they have a clean layout and good spacing. If you are building a WordPress website there are many free themes that will work for you. Make sure that you include a blog page on your website where you are consistently adding content and updating your customers. This will help you rank in search engines and keep your customers happy and informed. Make sure your website is clear about how customers can order from you or get a bid for the service you provide. If the information is not easily accessible most people will move on to the next website.


Maybe you’re not experienced with building sites and don’t want to take the time to learn, but you still need to have one for your business. If not you will miss out on valuable customers and in turn profit. Websites don’t have to be expensive. You can build your own with WordPress and can ask someone for help if you are unfamiliar. Above all make sure your website is clear, clean looking and the information is easily accessible. By taking a little time and a little amount of your budget to have a quality website, the payoff will be exponential.


Photo Credit – v3mg.com